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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Ahh the new year. When we meet each other, stay up far too late, eat and drink too much and make a bunch of promises to ourselves that we won't keep. Isn't it wonderful?
Well I've made one resolution that I definitely intend to keep and that is to make more time for myself. I've been so busy with activities for this group or the other that I've barely had a moments rest to catch up on things I want to do. Included among them is reading and I've got a whole stack of books I've been wanting to get to. My shortlist for the coming months includes books by Zinn, Roy, Chomsky and Fisk. I've also got "The End of Poverty" to read (finally finished with the other books I was reading before it) as well as "King Leopold's Ghost" about Belgian Prince Leopold who colonized and summarily committed genocide in what is now Congo (DRC).
I've got some others as well and I try to intersperse the heavier material with lighter stuff. I read a couple of the Dan Brown novels for example, but other than the Davinci Code, they aren't very good. Hopefully the last Harry Potter book will come out this year and I can burn a weekend with that.
Happy New Year!


  • Margaret Atwood (Oryx and Crake). Just a suggestion off the top of my head. Currently reading "Don't Get Too Comfortable" by David Rackoff. Pretty good stuff. Advice: Stay away from Oprah's Book Club. The stuff makes me go to sleep or weep uncontrollably. :D

    By Blogger Saira, at 9:48 AM  

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