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Monday, December 12, 2005

Guns are bad, mmmkay?

Many people have been waiting to hear word on the fate of four men taken hostage in Iraq. The four men include a Briton, an American and two Canadians. They were working for a Christian peace organization in Iraq trying to help free captives and oppose the American occupation. They're being held hostage by a relatively unknown group calling itself the Sword of Righteousness and they threatened to kill the men if their demands were not met. Their demand ironically being the freedom of all Iraqi captives in US custody. Their original deadline was last Thursday but due to major international pressure they extended it to this past weekend. The international pressure has been coming from, among others, the Canadian government, Palestinian groups, international Islamic groups and groups within Iraq. The groups in Palestine were pleading to the hostage takers to not kill these men whom they called brothers because they helped them in their struggle against oppression. So far nothing has been heard since last week on the fate of the four captives.

The Liberals have made a big promise that has stirred some feathers at home. They've promised to ban handguns if re-elected. This is in contrast to the big promises made by the Conservatives so far: a 1% cut in the GST and $100 per month for child care. The handgun ban will not have any great impact on the current wave of gun violence in the city. It will, however, (or at least I think so) have beneficial long term effects. The illegal guns on street are coming from different supposedly legal (at some time) sources. One big one is smuggling from South of the border. Our beloved American neighbours also love their Second Amendment. There are however numerous gun dealers in Canada that sell handguns and many of these guns can end up on the street in the hands of misguided youth. Cracking down on the border smuggling of guns is dearly needed, but removing the local suppliers as a source of illegal guns is a good step. There are in fact gun dealers which sell handguns all across the GTA.


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