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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dark Energy

I went to a lecture about dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy are unknown theorized substancse that can balance out the discrepancies observed by astrophysicists. Dark matter is some type of physical matter with apparently very low density, but makes up a vast amount of mass in each galaxy. However it is unseen and does not directly interact with light except through the gravitational effects it has as a massive body. Dark energy is another theoretical tool to explain why the universe seems to be constantly expanding at a faster and faster rate (as opposed to slowing expansion due to the gravitational effects of the massive galaxies pulling on each other to slow the outward force of the big bang). There are a few more lectures in the series, including one about search for life in the universe.

Hurricane Rita caused a big panic for Ontarians. Apparently causing everyone to run to the gas pumps and fill up to avoid a spike in the gas prices. There were some really long line ups at the pump a day or so ago. After Katrina gas prices shot up substantially and people wanted to avoid getting hit in the wallet. Of course there was no spike in prices, they went down a cent or two in fact, and everyone looked rather foolish. But once rumours start spreading, it's hard to counteract them with sense and reason.

The German elections have caused a big mess for the two leading candidates and all of Germany. Schroeder refuses to relent hold on being Chancellor to conservative rival Angela Merkel. Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic party won a very slight lead against Schroeder's party, but neither of the two leaders has been able to create a strong coalition to take up the Chancellorship. It looks like the debate may drag on for days and even weeks before resolving. And even then it may only be resolved by calling another election.

I'm loving my iPod and I'm thinking about getting some audio books. I've never listened to an audio book before. Just seems kind of odd to me to listen to a book. Listening to music is something I can do while I'm otherwise occupied. Reading, or even listening to speeches, on the other hand is something I usually do with full attention. So I'm wondering what it will be like to listen to a book. Some people don't like ebooks because they don't like to read at a screen. But reading on my laptop is great for me and I've read lots of ebooks. I'll try out a couple of audio books and see what they're like. iTunes has lots of audiobooks available, so I'll see what looks interesting. Definitely *not* the Harry Potter books though, which are a wee bit overpriced ($50!).


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