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Saturday, August 06, 2005

New Governor General

Paul Martin has announced that prominent French Journalist and documentary film maker Michaƫlle Jean will be the next Governor General of Canada. The Haitian born Francophone is well known in Quebec for her role in CBC, but lesser so in English speaking Canada. Her family fled the Papa Doc Duvalier regime to come to Montreal where Michaƫlle grew into an outstanding intellectual and journalist. She knows several languages and has won many awards for her documentaries and journalism work. The choice was praised by many including opposition members in Parliament, except Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe who said he was disappointed such a prominent Quebecer would take a role in a non-democratic institution.
Personally I think Jean is a great choice for Governor General and the Queen's representative in Canada. However, I'm very much a republican and against monarchy all together. The idea that people are deserving of leadership because of the family they are a part of goes against all fairness, democracy and equality. Still I think Jean will represent us well as a country.


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