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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Election Jitters

The Martin government is set to fall next week. The opposition parties voted on and passed a proposal from NDP leader Jack Layton to call an election in January. Because it wasn't a proper confidence motion however the Martin Liberals have just chosen to ignore it. Having tried to offer a compromise, which the Liberals would have none of, Stephen Harper is going to introduce a confidence motion next week to bring down the government.
The entire controversy over the impending election really only has to do with when it will be called. Martin said he would call it after the Gomery report has been fully released (part two is due out around February next year). But because the opposition parties, namely the NDP, don't have confidence in the government they want to see the election sooner rather than later. They don't however want to have an election called over the holidays. None of them want to be responsible for calling an election that ruins the holiday season. So the Liberals are opposing the motion in hopes of blaming the election on the opposition. And the opposition is complaining about the arrogant Liberals that won't compromise and call an election due to the lack of confidence in the House.
Truth be told all the bickering is about the difference of a few weeks. But the opposition, like the Bloq but especially Harper and the Conservative party, want to strike while the iron is hot and call an election while the Liberals are still hurting.


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