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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Future Elections

President Bush on Saturday morning called Prime Minister Martin and took a conciliatory tone.1 He wants to move past the disagreement on BMD and on to bettering relations between the two countries. While the US Senate just voted and passed a ban on Canadian beef imports, Bush said he'd use his presidential veto to strike it down. Perhaps they've realized that it doesn't really matter what the official yes or no answer is, because Canada is already doing a lot to support BMD. This news brought great praise for Martin as the Liberal policy convention began this weekend. This along with the passing of Finance Minister Goodale's budget, it appears the Martin government will hold out a while longer.

Syria has announced that it will pull it's troops from Lebanon back to the Lebanon-Syria border. This after the Lebanese leaders dissolved government which should bring elections to the bereaved country.

There's also been some thoughts and predictions about the 2008 elections. Bush winning his second term has put on a scramble for the Democrats to start their recovery and redemption and the Republicans to maintain their status. In this effort, both sides are looking to field super star candidates that can just draw attention, without having to worry about what their platform will be or what they'll actually change. In fact most of the candidates being groomed for said fielding are busy trying to position themselves as centrist as possible to draw broad appeal. The first star race I heard about some time ago was fielding Barack Obama against Colin Powell; which would make it the first serious offering for a black candidate and lead to the first black president. The other I've heard about, both more recently and quite some time ago, was for Hillary Clinton as the democratic candidate.2 The only speculation I've heard about how the Republican's can call out that bid is with current Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Personally, I don't think Rice has nearly the kind of draw that Hillary can get, but then Condi is a black woman and that in and of itself is something with a lot of pull. Anyway, even if the US finally does get something other than a rich white guy into office, I don't think it will make a whit of difference to the current trend of internal and foreign policy.

1. Bush called Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin on Saturday morning.
2. Hillary is taking a more centrist role to prepare for 2008.


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