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Saturday, February 12, 2005


The Walmart chain has decided to close its store in Jonquiere, Quebec. This also happens to be the only fully unionized Walmart store in North America (the employees joined the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada 6 months before). Walmart representatives claim that they cannot sustain the store profitably with the demands the union is asking for so it must close. The union has asked for mediation and said this is a violation of labour laws. The store will remain open while this legal quarrel plays out.
The Walton family business has a long history of union busting and there have been several notable incidents of poor treatment of employees. It's another on the list of companies that I personally boycott. I don't usually talk about it much (well not much any more) but most of my friends know about it. Walmart, however, is one store I think everyone should boycott. Even Bernard Landry, Parti Quebecois leader, has said he won't shop there any more... yeah, like he ever shopped there... But the point is valid, I really would like to see a national boycott of Walmart. I don't really think it will happen though, because people with lower incomes can't seem to help but shop there even though they know how awful a store it is.


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