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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Get the Message

Gmail and Hotmail have been really crappy lately. Hotmail in particular for the past week or two, but Gmail in the past couple of days as well. I figure it's probably growing pains or something since Hotmail has greatly expanded it's services and Gmail has massively increased the number of available invites. But it's terribly frustrating logging in and then getting an error message when I try to read my mail. Or getting a "Server too busy" message when just trying to log in. I realize these are free services and what right do I have to complain, yada yada, but really, if you're going to do something at least do it right. It seems the one to make this transition without a hitch is Yahoo. I have a Yahoo account, but I barely use it. Now that I think about it though, it seems my problems with Gmail have been limited to my laptop (I love my iBook). Maybe it's a Mac thing... who knows?

I completely forgot to mention this before but the Paul Martin government has done an about face on North American Missile Defense (aka NAMBLA). He's given an unequivocal no to Canadian participation in the program. Well not really, the 'no' is for Canadian political support of Missile Defense, but in reality Canada is supporting the program in everything but name. Canada has already agreed to share intelligence information from NORAD and if Canadian sites or land is needed for the program, Canada will undoubtedly allow the US military use of this land. So really, Canada is supporting the program but not taking a seat at the table to help direct the program, which seems pretty foolish. But this is purely a political move by Prime Minister Martin. He knows there is little appetite for Ballistic Missile Defense in Canada and figures that most Canadians don't understand that Canada has already signed off on most of the plan anyway. This is a bit of a blow, however, to the US since the US government and military knew that Canada would give the technical support needed (it's not like Canada can refuse, the US would just take what it needed if it came right down to it). But the US was really looking for political support and it appears that's the one thing it won't get. Now as dumb as it may seem to support this thing technically but not take any managerial control or responsibility, I'm still kind of happy that we aren't supporting it, as I've outlined before I just think Missile Defense is a waste of money. Now if there were a viable working system, that would pose an increased risk to countries like Iran and North Korea, where the US might then attack with impudence, but I don't think there'll be a working system any time soon... if ever.

Oh in just a one off note, there's a movement called Free Stanley that's trying to get the Stanley Cup awarded to the best amateur team currently playing. The Governor General of Canada Adrienne Clarkson has personally endorsed this idea, which seems kind of significant since the Cup was originally awarded by her predecessor the late Lord Stanley for excellence in amateur hockey. In particular, there was a proposal to award it to the best womens team in North America, which I personally think is a great idea. Don't think it'll happen, but still it's a nice thought.


  • The North American Man/Boy Love Association is just another disgusting reflection of our increasingly demoralized society which ...oh you mean the North American Missile Defense .... well that's bad too!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:14 AM  

  • Man, I really thought some of you would get the joke... but I guess I'll have to explain it.
    I figure some of you would watch the Daily Show with John Stewart. On it he's got a bit of a running gag where he refers to some organization and says "otherwise known as NAMBLA" even though the name of the group or whatever he's referring to would have nothing to do with those letters.
    This is actually a reference to another Comedy channel show, South Park. As anonymous pointed out, NAMBLA is the North American Man Boy Love Association... or a group of pedophiles. It also happens to be the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes. Generally, Stewart is referring to the former group and is just making a derogatory comment about the groups membership.
    Terrible... I actually had to explain the joke... just terrible.

    By Blogger csguy314, at 10:18 PM  

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