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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh snap!

Slobodan Milosovic died in his cell a few days ago. It was reported that he died of heart attack as he was known to have heart problems for quite a long time. Some people however, particularly his family living in Russia, have questioned the treatment he was getting and even go as far as saying he was poisoned and murdered. I doubt that would happen, especially under care of an international tribunal, but who knows. Anyway, his death was met with little interest in Serbia. Considering he was overthrown by a massive public revolt, it appears the people of Serbia don't want to dwell on their time with Slobo.
Many people however are disappointed that Milosovic will never face justice for the crimes of which he's accused. The verdict in the tribunal was still several months away and it looks like it will never come down with the death of the accused.

Israeli forces have raided a Palestinian prison in Jericho. The Israelis demanded the handover of prisoners they suspect of being involved in an Israeli minister's death. They have not necessarily captured those prisoners yet but there has been a harsh response from Palestinians. Many Palestinian groups have been observing a cease fire, but thise kind of overt military action strains the ability of the new Hamas government to maintain peace in Palestine. Several attacks have resulted including setting fire to a British Council building in Palestine. British observers who were present in Jericho have stated they will withdraw as well.

Isaac Hayes has said he'll quit working on tv show South Park. Hayes claimed he was leaving because of the religious intolerance on the show. This however is being dismissed by the shows creators. South Park recently did a show that poked fun at Scientology though since its inception South Park has regularly made fun of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Shintoists and others. Hayes however is a scientologist and claims that as a defender of civil rights he feels the show has gone too far. The rather dubious claim will mean the end of Hayes character "Chef", the school cook with ample libido.

I saw this while browsing around, I think it originally came from dailykos but I'm not certain. If you've heard about South Dakota's newly minted laws about planned parenting you'd find it as funny as I did.

Imagine the difficulty in making RUSSELL CROWE look like he got into a fight.
-- Jon Stewart at the Oscars commenting on "Cinderella Man" being nominated for best make-up.


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