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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ah the many annoyances of everyday life. When driving there are only a couple of radio stations that I'll listen to, like CBC (our national media organization). Because I like classical music I listen to CBC radio 2, but I also listen to another classical station in the city. The other station, like most radio stations, is supported by ads and sponsors; but this station's ads happen to be directed at rich, old people (whom they say is their main audience). I find regular advertisments annoying enough, but I find these ads unbearable.
In the car, I can always stick in one of my CDs when the ads get too annoying. Some tv commercials though, also drive me nuts. I'm not sure what the hell these advertising people are thinking when they dream up this garbage but someone deserves a beating for some of the things they produce. I keep seeing this commercial for Subway which, at one time, I wouldn't mind eating from (not anymore since I'm a vegetarian now and paying a few bucks for bread and lettuce seems pretty stupid). This commercial is so utterly stupid, I can't believe they put it on the air. Its got a bunch of losers counting and talking about how they like to be outside and be healthy. It's even got this one woman skipping rope, only she's skipping in a kitchen... a KITCHEN! Doesn't that seem a little silly or dangerous to you? Their other commercials have people that work at Subway talk about the kind of food they can prepare for you. Two kids telling you about their delicious and healthy (pick one...) foods, and then they say their name and their titles, which are "sandwich artist" and "wrap artist". Now I'll be the first to admit that cooking can be a creative outlet and a form of artistic expression... but for God's sake. These kids work for a fast food restaurant. If a sub sandwich is a work of art, then the boundaries on artistic expression are getting way too lax.

Another interesting little episode happened with my family. My brother always carries the remote control around with him when he's watching tv. If he leaves the room for some reason, he'll still be clutching the remote in his hand. Because of this the remote was misplaced a couple of days ago. Now our nice tv also happened to have the volume buttons messed up on it (don't ask me how it happened, I was out of the country at the time). We managed to fix one of the buttons, the one to increase volume. So naturally, given this course of events, we can only watch shows with the volume deafeningly loud. The din was so awful from my dad watching BBC, I could hear it a couple of floors and a few closed doors away with surprising clarity. At least it will cut down on our tv watching until the remote is found...


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