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Friday, July 16, 2004

Watching just bits of the US election coverage is like watching some circus sideshow. The way utterly banal issues are discussed, and real issues aren't given anything more than typical, superficial mentioning, it simply makes a joke of what they claim is the 'bastion of democracy'. Kerry and Edwards have been referred to, in a disparaging way, as the most liberal senators in office. Now there has to be something wrong when 'liberal' is an insult in the US, and just north of there in Canada, Liberal is the name of the governing party.

A big deal is also being made of the 9/11 report condemning the CIA for its massive intelligence failures in terms of 9/11 and the Iraq war. Aside from the obvious puns about Bush being the intelligence failure, the real failures have been from the media (though this is expected). The American media (and this generally includes Canadian media as well) didn't give any coverage the and overwhelmingly obvious evidence against the US claims about the threat of Saddam. The evidence from the weapons inspectors, even from vocal American Scott Ritter, the duplicitious claims about war crimes and weapons of mass destruction, and the vast gaping holes in the stories from the Bushites.

The worst of it all are the republicans that try to rationalize their far right views with some hogwash about being better for everyone, and they had it so hard. People who can start their own business in America probably don't have the slightest concept of what a hard life is like. They haven't seen people in third world conditions, of course they come up with some pointless explanation to dismiss that too. At least the republicans that are up front about their views don't try any phoney 'compassionate conservatism'. They make it plain that they are heartless and elitist, so you don't have to worry about them...


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