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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Fun part 2

So bin Laden released another tape blaming Bush for how horrible the September 11, 2001 attacks turned out. He said he didn't believe the President would abandon 50,000 people in those burning buildings to read about goats to some school children. Makes me wonder, I saw that referenced was in Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 (though I'm sure it was mentioned elsewhere), so do terrorists watch American movies? Do they watch Michael Moore? That's pretty funny; that terrorists get information from a guy who, aside from his political demagoging, is the epitome of American decadence: obese, a little loud and obnoxious, appears disheveled, and wears a baseball cap.
The election today will finally end the tight race that has divided the US and many nations and people. Some strange endorsements came out, such as Iran's endorsement of Bush for reelection and there is some sense behind this. It's not the typical reverse psychology "the bad guys support Bush, so let's vote Kerry" reasoning either (that some Republicans have suggested as a way to dismiss the endorsement.
As I mentioned, both Bush and Kerry have similar goals in terms of international policy. Democrats and Republicans both run around the planet bombing into submission those countries that won't be coerced through other means (primarily economic). The difference is that Bush has done this and alienated the typical American allies. Furthermore, Bush's internal policy has and will continue to stall the US economy, if not put it into regression. More importantly, Bush's policies have turned virtually the entire world against the lone superpower state and have increased the threat of international terrorism. All of these actions may precipitate a decline in overall US dominance. With many nations banding together to take on America in the economic and social front, and the US forces being further and further stretched in military conflicts, the US economy may not hold out very well in the long run. This is not necessarily good for everyone, but it will certainly encourage and promote the rise of other future powers like China.
Finally, if Kerry is elected he'll serve as an apologist for US foreign policy. It will turn Bush in to a scapegoat for the violations that have perpetrated over the past 4 years. Yet, all factors indicate that he'll continue to perpetuate these crimes.
So, while it seems obvious to most people that Bush is, in general, worse for America, that is really the reason (I believe) that Iran has given him the endorsement.
Now while this makes total sense to me, as Canadian, precipitating the downfall of America doesn't really seem like a good idea. Furthermore, the other powers that rise likely wouldn't be much better than the US has been as ruling power on the planet. But then, since Kerry will have virtually the same policies... I'm not really sure it makes much difference which one wins.
Hey America, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. America.
- Bart Simpson


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